IMPER ITALIA is a production line capable of developing products and constructive solutions to create a reliable waterproofing layer, even in the most extreme and difficult conditions. Now the IMPER ITALIA brand is also in Russia! Our materials are excellent for both roofing and foundation insulation applications.

Below we will tell a little more about such design solutions.

What is special?

A constructive solution in construction is a set of components, a scheme for their installation, due to which it will be possible to obtain the necessary waterproofing parameters. Our website presents various constructive solutions for the foundation and roof, depending on the initial parameters of the structure and the result that you need to achieve in the end.

The main advantage of using such a solution when arranging foundations or roofs is that all its components will "work" with each other in a predictable and efficient way.

As a rule, each constructive solution for a foundation or roof includes the following components:

  • protective and leveling layers;
  • waterproofing membrane;
  • Additional accessories.

For the roof, these are some components, and for the foundations - others related to the features of this design and places of potential danger. IMPER ITALIA's product range includes materials suitable for the implementation of various solutions.


Available options

In our catalog, we have collected for you the most popular options for hydro and thermal protection, where our materials can be used. Here are solutions for:

  • roof or foundation (initial design classification);
  • foundations of operated and non-operated underground structures of buildings/structures;
  • insulated and non-insulated roofs (warm and cold attics respectively);
  • roofs with expected foot traffic;
  • inverted combined insulated roofs.

If you are in doubt which option is right for you, you can consult with experts and find the best solution for the roof / foundation. Each circuit comes with a detailed description of its components and features of use. There is a schematic representation of the structure, as well as a complete list of brand products that will be needed to implement the solution on the foundation or roof.


All additional questions will be answered by company managers. Call us or visit our Moscow office for more information.


Benefits of IMPER ITALIA products

Each product in the foundation or roof solutions is our personal development, based on many years of experience and selected for the implementation of one or another construct. It is beneficial to use them for several reasons at once:

  • the ability to use materials for residential and industrial construction, laying the foundations of buildings and structures for various purposes;
  • the permissibility of working with materials during the overhaul of the roof, and not just in the initial construction;
  • guaranteed result in the construction of foundations / roofs, which is achieved due to the high quality of all IMPER ITALIA products proposed for the scheme and their compatibility with each other;
  • variability of choosing a solution for certain characteristics of the foundation or roof;
  • the maximum possible service life of the finished insulation on the foundation and roof;
  • Ease of installation and work with materials with detailed instructions from manufacturers.

All our products comply with current standards and building codes. We are confident in the quality and efficiency of the use of our materials in these structural solutions for the roof and foundation.

Check out the available offers for roofs and foundations and contact us for the necessary advice before ordering.