Imper GARANT is a roll roofing and waterproofing bitumen-containing material. Imper GARANT is obtained by double-sided application on a polyester base of a bitumen-polymer binder consisting of bitumen, a polymer modifier and a mineral filler, followed by applying protective layers on both sides of the canvas. Coarse-grained dressing and polymer film are used as protective layers. Depending on the protective layer on the front side of the web and the field of application, Imper GARANT is produced in the following brands:

Imper GARANT B - roofing material with coarse-grained dressing on the front side and polymer film on the overlaid side of the web; it is used for the device of the top layer in multi-layer roofing carpet.

Imper GARANT N - roofing and waterproofing material with a polymer film; It is used as an intermediate and bottom layer in a multi-layer roofing carpet, as well as for waterproofing building structures.


Designed for roofing and waterproofing buildings, structures and building structures. The material is laid by fusion on the prepared base or on the bitumen-containing material laid below. The material can be used as a vapor barrier in roof structures.

Item property:

Roofing material
Bottom Layer Material
Top Layer Material
Indicator Names Unit unit Criterion Imper GARANT H 4.0 Imper GARANT B 4.5 Imper GARANT B 5.0
Mass kg/m2 ± 5% ** 4.0 4.5 5.0
Thickness ** mm ± 5% ** 2.8 3.5 4.0

Maximum tensile force:



N ± 200 *** 700
Weight of binder from the side to be welded kg/m2 at least 2.0
Water absorption for 24 hours % by mass no more 1 1 1
Loss of Spread kg/m2 ± 5% ** - 15
Flexibility temperature on the timber R = 25 mm kg/m2 ± 5% ** -10
Waterproof to 10 kPa withstands
Water resistance at a pressure of 0.2 MPa, for 2 hours survives -
Heat resistance, not less than °С + 120
Length x Width, m 10x1
Colspan type top film without logo slate
bottom film with logo film with logo

Mounting method:



Rolls of material should be stored in a dry closed room in a vertical position in one row in height at a distance of at least 1 m from the heaters.

Indicator Names Imper GARANT V 5.0 Imper GARANT 4.5 Imper GARANT N 4.0
Roll area, not less, m 2 10 10 10
Weight, kg / m 2 5.0 4.5 4.0
Coil weight, kg 48.8 43.8 40
Number of rolls on a pallet, pcs. 23 23 25
Weight of rolls on a pallet, kg 1122.4 1007.4 1000
Quantity on a pallet, m 2 230 230 250

Work execution:

According to SP 17.13330.2017 and SP 71.13330.2017. It can be used in all climatic regions of SP 131.13330.2018.