Bituminous waterproofing: varieties and characteristics

Bituminous waterproofing: varieties and characteristics

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To protect the roof, foundation and other elements of buildings and structures from moisture, bituminous waterproofing is used. It is affordable and ideal for the most demanding construction work, and is almost indispensable on surfaces with complex geometries.

Solution Benefits

To extend the service life of reinforced concrete and brick structures, moisture must not be allowed to enter them. This will help prevent mold and dampness inside the building. And the infiltration (seepage) of moisture through the concrete body will quickly render the structure unusable, the concrete will lose its strength, and the reinforcement will quickly begin to corrode. For this purpose, experts recommend purchasing bituminous waterproofing.

The physical properties of bitumen itself, produced from crude oil, make it waterproof, which makes it completely immune to the destructive effects of moisture. All bitumen are semi-liquid viscous or nearly solid materials. At ambient temperature, they do not give off fumes, but when heated they begin to gradually soften. With its advantages, bitumen has a relatively low cost and ease of use, which increases its availability as a building material. By using bituminous waterproofing when arranging the foundation of a building, you save yourself the need to use complex professional equipment and attract specialists with the appropriate skills.

Such waterproofing significantly reduces material costs and labor costs, the effectiveness of its use is beyond doubt.

Hot bitumen waterproofing

Before starting work, pieces of bitumen are heated to the melting point. The main qualities of the bitumen mass are fully revealed only in the liquid state. This guarantees the reliability and practicality of the building material used.

Hot bitumen mass is in a liquid state, so care must be taken when working. The ready-to-use waterproofing is smeared over the surface with a special mop made of ropes.

Unfortunately, hot bitumen mass has a number of serious disadvantages. For this reason, the use of bitumen on a construction site, especially in residential areas, is not always advisable. In such a situation, a specially designated area is organized for the preparation of the material. This greatly simplifies the implementation of waterproofing works.

Cold bitumen waterproofing

For work on cold bituminous waterproofing, a special ready-made mastic is used. This method differs in that the material is applied evenly.

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