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For over 80 years, IMPER ITALIA has been one of the leading European companies in the production of products and bitumen-polymer waterproofing and synthetic systems made of TPO / FPO and PVC-P. Our production of waterproofing membranes is accompanied by an offer of liquid waterproofing systems (LAM) and thermal and acoustic insulation.

IMPER ITALIA has always been recognized in the market as a technology partner capable of developing and designing products and systems to solve waterproof problems, even in the most extreme, challenging and challenging conditions.

History of the company

The present


IMPER ITALIA was founded in Turin in 1936 with the production of water repellents, sealants and bitumen emulsions for waterproofing roofs, foundations, reservoirs, dams, canals and other construction works. Subsequently, the company responds - by producing special coatings - to the growing need to protect large steel structures and systems from corrosion (viaducts, tanks, pressure pipes, large joinery). IMPER ITALIA supports the production of mortars for the protection, maintenance and restoration of concrete structures.


PARALON, prefabricated bitumen-distillate-polymer membrane

The traditional multilayer system was finally overcome with the advent of prefabricated bitumen-distillate-polymer membranes reinforced with glass fiber. Also during this period, IMPER ITALIA started the industrial production of PARALON, a prefabricated bitumen-polymer waterproofing membrane, modifying the bitumen with polypropylene polymers (APP Atactic Polypropylene). The revolutionary "system" of waterproofing gives a significant boost to the growth of a company that stands out for its quality. In fact, IMPER ITALIA will be the first Italian company to receive the ICITE (CNR), now ITC, Agrément certificate for the PARALON NT4 in 1978; subsequently it is extended to other member countries of the UEAtc (Union Européenne pour l'Agrément Technique dans la Construction).


SINTOFOIL, an innovative and ecological prefabricated synthetic membrane
In the mid-1990s, the company, in collaboration with Montell, created SINTOFOIL: a synthetic membrane based on an elastomerized polypropylene alloy (TPO / FPA). In 2003, IMPER ITALIA will decide to acquire a majority stake in EURODUE Srl (a company specializing in the production of synthetic sheets for tunnels and hydraulic works), thereby completing its profile as a highly specialized 360 ° waterproofing company.


RUBBERSOLAR line, photovoltaic waterproofing membranes
In 2008, IMPER ITALIA entered the renewable energy sector and, in particular, photovoltaic energy. To this end, he creates a special product line: the RUBBERSOLAR® line, whose core element is SINTOFOIL PV, an integrated and innovative waterproofing membrane. To enable the use of traditional crystalline silicon PV modules on roofs waterproofed with bituminous or synthetic waterproofing membranes, RUBBERTAC® and RUBBERFIX® connection systems have been developed.

The present

At the end of 2014, the companies of the IMPER ITALIA Spa Group and EURODUE Srl become part of the TECHNONICOL industrial group. In 2015 IMPER ITALIA becomes Srl, merging Spa and Eurodue.
Two production plants in Marano and Mappano join the production sites of the Technonicol Group, strengthening the world industrial leadership in the production of polymer-bitumen membranes, synthetic membranes, heat and sound insulation, bituminous tiles, liquid waterproofing.

Why us?

Wide range of environmentally friendly products and systems
Technical service excellence
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Over thirty years of experience in waterproofing
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over 80 years one of the leading European companies for the production of products and bitumen-polymer waterproofing and synthetic systems made of TPO & nbsp; / & nbsp; FPO and PVC-P


IMPER ITALIA, from its founding (1930s) to the current 2000s, is the most tangible proof of the awards received on the market.

However, numerous works form a mosaic of success; among them - certificates, certificates for products and systems issued by official institutions.


Deliveries of IMPER products to more than 85 countries around the world
Russia, Ireland, Spain, Italy, France, Turkey, England, Morocco, Albania, Kuwait, Greece, Belgium, India, Lithuania, Indonesia, Netherlands, Colombia, Qatar, Arab Emirates, Slovenia, Tunisia, Luxembourg, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Latvia , Belarus, Taiwan, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Australia, Latvia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Japan, etc.